Exploit RF | Dapatkan 527 k di lvl 1-8

Mulai Maen RF dah, Sampe lo pada level 3 dan dapetin skill atau senjata yang buat lo  “1 kali pokol momon ucup mate”, Cari dah area terisolasi dengan momon ucup terus hunt sambil ambilin apa yang di drop sama momonnya (hotkey x).

Sebagai Accretia (maaf tidak pernah mencoba dengan lainnya coba aja mungkin bisa):

Swet malas banget alih bahasanya nich…..soalnya di kantor banyak kerja met hunting aja dach…… silahkan baca englishnya aja gunain kamus klo ga bisa wkakakaka….. 

Go down the slopes from HQ and after reaching the bottom (where the Desert Klan are)

Make a RIGHT (south)

And then another right once you see the Wing mobs.

This’ll take you to an isolated area with Young Flems (there’s a wall seperating everyone else that’s busy fighting over the batch closest to HQ). Loot drops dissapear in 50 or so seconds. So start somewhere, kill everything, and with 40 seconds left, backtrack and pickup the loot.

It only took me an hour (and that’s including trying to figure out how to best optimize my time) to get all 5 bags. With Young Flem drop loots, I was getting 100k+ from selling the stuff in the 5 bags. Now when you go out and lvl, you can pick up the stuff everyone else drops since their bags are full and yours is not

I’m now a lvl 8 with 527k in CP

yep works… If you are lvl 15 or 20 go to splinte brads and rathmoth and farm there just collect the weapons more value. If you are 40+ go toArid Cave and hunt the aces inthere. And if you are 50 go hunt Easy pitbosses like in Arid cave, Ancient altar or Snatchershrine…… My 50 punisher has a skill magnetic arm, so his damage is unbelievable I can solo easyly a mau. Pitbossesd drop highlvl items and alot of them, but if you are ranger or so dont hunt them, because they are regging very fast!

 Take a rest don’t play much as your live, becarefull with your live….say thanx for me blackbarcode 


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